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 Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set

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Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set Empty
PostSubject: Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set   Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 11:17 am

Source: D1-10 rc
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Imagine putting a big 5 litre V8 in a small saloon car.Then imagine blending up squirels alive while adding in a little metal.Well the first sentence describes the power and the second well thats exactly how it screams.read on to find out what it's all about.
Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set 3

In the beginning i had some uncertainties about sensorless brushless technology.A lot have complains about cogging(trembling) problems and most of them were not smooth.But after some tech discussions with Haidi, Chee Yong and Azhar of Tamiya I was told that the sensorless technology these days have improved a lot with plenty of custom settings allowed by the user.Plus the Drift Master Speed Passion Set comes with an ESC program card.After much consideration i got a set.

My first impression of it was it's black it's got fins on it, It's 9.5turns and it's going for RM499 retail, and it scares you just listening to it.These are the basic features and specs before i go on.

Motor type:Brushless Sensorless
Turns : 9.5t brushless - equivalent to 19turns brush
Features:Water resistant,Updatable by USB,and has a variable racing profile
Items included:Motor,ESC,Program Card.

Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set IMG_0085

Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set 87

Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set IMG_0088

Looks complicated? it's actually not. You need most of it but the ones that you'll play around with is one or two like the DRRS Mode (Punch),the AMTS(
Torque) and once in a while brake settings according to track suface.Other than that it is pretty much set for drifting.

After tweaking around for about a good hour things started looking up.by this time there was no lag and the power .Wow let's just say that after trying this you'll just throw everything else you ever wanted on your wish list of RC drifting.

I couldn't believe that this is sensorless.It's smooth.no cogging, no lag in response and of course no lag in power.There was just power power and power and it's not just how much power you get,it's the way the power is delivered thats so impressive.Come to think of it that's adjustable too.It was so powerful i could hold a 30 degree feint for at least 5metres solely on power alone.It's like having an RB26DETT on steroids if you compared it to a real car. It's just absolute power from this thing.

They should have put a sticker on the box saying 'Beware....crazy motor inside'...coz thats what it is.

Besides the power there is the sound. When i first ran it on full power i thought my pinion was all over the place.Rechecked it again and again.No problems.i finally realized that it was the motor sound.This thing gives you an impression of the power, you feel like you've got a monster within that chassis.Nice.

Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set IMG_0086

To top it all of i've gotta admit this thing looks good for a motor.Like i said It's black, it's got fins , it says TURBO on the side,It sounds like a squirell mincer. What more could you want?

But hold on a second here,i didn't say it was perfect didn't i? Well if it was perfect then none of us would learn anything would we. The ESC does and i mean it really needs a decent amount of tweaking for you to really get a feel that suits your type of driving.

Drivers using this motor also need to get the concept of power delivery in drifting whereby a heavy finger will usually result in a bad crash.This is what it says.....Professional Motor.

All in all i think if you were to compare this to a real car you get a million horsepower but thats just me.It's a hurricane in 30grams.Digest that.

User Friendliness:7.5/10

Verdict:If your'e looking for power, it's here.
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Speed Passion Drift Master Brushless ESC Combo Set
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