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 Bodyshell of the Month Rules

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PostSubject: Bodyshell of the Month Rules   Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:43 am


1. Car must be mounted. If mounted by other method than regular body posts, the mounting must be durable to impact. Pictures of the mounting method MUST be disclosed along with the pics of the body. Velcro on top of ANY of the body posts will not be eligible.

2. Prepainted bodies such as by Hotworks or Jadatoys are not eligible unless extensive body work has been done to them. For example, using bondo.

3. Eligibility will be denied if the nominee won the previous COTM.

4. Eligibility will be denied for prizes if the body has either won or is currently nominated for a concourse competition at another site.


1. The body must be nominated within 30 days of its original post date

2. You can't nominate yourself

3. Each forum member may make 1 nomination per month.

4. Nominations are open from 1st to the 14th of the month

5. Once a body has been nominated, DO NOT nominate it again.

Nomination Format


Body Title:


Member: u-Keong

Body Title: S15 Kazuma

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Bodyshell of the Month Rules
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